Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flock of Wild Turkeys

Flock of Wild Turkeys

flock of wild turkeys in a field

We have seen more and more of these wild turkeys over the last few years.

They used to be on the endangered list in our region, but that is the case no longer.

There has been a spring and a fall hunting season for these birds as they have become so prolific.

But there are very specific rules that must be followed in each season.

They can only be hunted during a certain time of the day, and only males, or bearded females can be taken at a certain time.

The only birds in this flock are females though - no red beards to be seen.

I am hoping to get some closer shots of these birds this fall.

They are a quirky lot, these turkeys, and they easily spook if anything doesn't look just right to them.

And me being too close to them is certainly not right.

But I am anxious to give it a try!


  1. Hope you'll be able to give us some good close-up shots of these wild turkeys.

  2. Kathy we have them here, but I don't think any hunting is going on. I seen them twice only, and been on the lookout. May be one day, lol....Excellent photo, and btw your seagull photos are so cool. You should post more birds. Anna :)


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