Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ocean Sand Dunes for Green Thumb Sunday

Ocean Sand Dunes for Green Thumb Sunday

sand dunes at the ocean

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Last week's post featured sand dunes along the ocean in the spring.

This week, I backed up from where we were standing, and included a glimpse of the ocean along with the windswept sand dunes.

On the other side of the dunes there is a long beach that stretches down to the water.

We were not able to access the beach due to the nesting birds, but I am sure that in the summer it is quite a busy place.

This was a nice little stretch without any houses, but on either side of these dunes the houses are packed two and three deep.

Nature and man - both vying for this beautiful little spot. For now, nature is holding on - I hope it stays that way.


  1. Beautiful picture makes me yearn for warmer weather

  2. I remember your sand dunes of spring! I looked at this photo trying to imagine that it was cold and windy, but couldn't conjure up that image. It just seems warm. Although living near water is nice, I also think beaches should mostly remain natural. I've never seen a beach area enhanced by housing!
    Have a nice holiday,

  3. I hope it stays that way, too, Kathy!

    The sand looks so white and litter-free!

  4. Hi Rosemary - we could definitely use some warmer weather - we just got almost 2 feet of snow over the last two days. Brrrrrr

  5. Hi Aiyana - When we look at sand, we think of the desert and heat. Right now I bet those dunes are not even visible under all the snow.

  6. Hi Lynda - We don't usually see such white sand in this area - it was beautiful.

  7. Love the way you included more, changes the whole look. It is hard to imagine that kind of weather where I am right now.

  8. I'm hopping in to wish you a

    Merry Christmas!



  9. Kathy, excellent photo. Beautiful image.
    Kathy I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you for another blogging year. Your visits, comments are always appreciated.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, and happy blogging in 2009! Anna :)


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