Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dusk Falls Over the Harbor

Dusk Falls Over the Harbor

a small foot bridge in the early morning fog

It was a cool peaceful evening as the sun began to set over the harbor.

The day had been hot and the coolness that came along with the dusk was most welcomed.

The boys were relaxing by the water's edge, their fishing poles cast out into the currents of the incoming tide.

As I carefully picked my way over the slippery rocks, I watched several gulls fly over head, greedily eyeing the little crabs that were scurrying away from my feet as I passed by them.

A lone Heron stood motionless in the water - his sharp eyes scanning the depths for his evening meal.

As the day drew to a close, a lobster boat was coming back to its mooring in the harbor.

I watched as it glided across the water, its HID boat lights, and its slowly chugging motor announced its presence in the twilight.

After it moored, I could once again hear the comforting sound of the gently lapping waves.

The Heron was still standing vigil, and the gulls found a new interest with the lobstermen on shore.

Once everything had settled down, I was finally able to capture my photo. The boat was unmoving and creating the perfect silhouette for the slow shutter speed on the camera.

I never was able to capture an image of that Heron. Perhaps next season when we both return to the ocean my opportunity may arise.

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