Thursday, December 11, 2008

Full Moon Rising

Full Moon Rising

a full moon rising over the power plant

We lingered just a bit too long at the ocean on one of our trips, and what a surprise I got.

The boys were casting out their fishing lines, enjoying the last few minutes before we had to leave.

I was watching a Blue Heron along the rocky shore. It was too dark to get a photo of him, but he had me laughing.

We had spent a couple of hours here, the boys fishing the whole time - catching only a few crabs nibbling on their bait.

In no time flat that Heron caught a big fish. Turning to look at me, he flicked it lengthwise, and down his throat it went in one gulp.

I thought for sure it would get lodged in his long, thin neck, but he had it all under control - he was real slick.

I couldn't help teasing the boys about how that bird was such a skilled fisherman. It earned me some dirty looks, and only encouraged them more - the fish were obviously there.

I took a walk along the other side of the park, and as I looked up - there it was - a beautiful pink moon that was huge.

Disappointed that I didn't have my tripod, I used the only thing available for still shot on a long exposure - a picnic table.

After a few shots, and many adjustments, I was able to capture a few good ones. The horizon was off as the picnic table was on a lean, but photoshop quickly took care of that.

The power plant is not an overly pleasing subject, but it does have a different atmosphere in the dusky light.

Even though it didn't have all the ideal conditions for a beautiful full moon rising image, I was just too happy to see it and be able to capture it at my favorite place - the ocean.


  1. It's a great shot, Kathy. The moon looks HUGE and the building gives it scale!

    I can't believe you lucked out and saw a heron swallowing a fish whole! That must have been amazing!

  2. lov the scenery.. =)

  3. Hi Lynda - It was quite a gift to see that heron - I won't forget it!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Schizoshrink!

  5. Wow, I love all the photos I have seen so far. Keep up the great work!


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