Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dunes and Grasses for Green Thumb Sunday

Dunes and Grasses for Green Thumb Sunday

sand dunes with grass in the spring

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Sticking with the grass theme of the last couple of Sundays, this week's photo has grass growing in the sand dunes.

We do not have many sand dunes along this part of New England - most of our shores are pretty rocky and rugged.

We found this little stretch of sand dunes in the spring, and they were marked as no trespassing as the Piping Plover birds were on their nests.

I would have loved to have spotted one, but the weather this day was deceiving.

It looks really nice in the photo, but the chilly wind was really whipping that day - and sand was stinging our faces and finding it's way into everything.

I was quite worried about it getting into my camera and tried to keep it sheltered as much as possible.

Hopefully the little birds were warm and well protected on their nests.

They did pick one of the prettiest spots along this beach to make their homes and next week I have another photo of these beautiful dunes - with grasses.


  1. Good pictures as usual . Love the shot of the moon.

  2. Excellent shot Kathy, I love the contrast between the white sand and the bluessss...Anna :)

  3. Kathy, I know how rocky and full of cliffs the New England coast is, so this IS a good find!

    I too, hope the birds were warm and sheltered from the on-shore wind. I trust your camera has survived and isn't subject to those conditions, very often!

  4. Love the contrast as well, mostly it's nice to see green grass and sand, it has been crazy cold here.


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