Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ocean Grasses for Green Thumb Sunday

Ocean Grasses for Green Thumb Sunday

tall waving grasses beside the ocean

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This week's post has a different kind of grass than what I posted last week.

This image was taken in the early spring - before the new green stalks take over these dried winter ones.

You can see the ocean beyond these stalks, but in the summer, they are so thick, you cannot begin to even catch a glimpse of the ocean behind them.

The wind was whipping that day, as you can tell from the direction of the feathery tops - making them shake and whisper their cold disapproval.

I stood and listened to them for only a few minutes before I tucked myself into a corner of sun warmed rocks that were out of the cold wind - enjoying their whispers along with the ocean's voice beyond for a bit longer.


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