Sunday, November 4, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday - Variegated Hosta

Variegated Hosta for Green Thumb Sunday

macro of green and cream variegated hosta

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I did a post titled Green Hosta on 10/26, and posted a photo showing the changes the plant had made.

Today's post has an image of the Hosta that has not changed.

The beautiful greens and creams are swirled along the length of each leaf.

The leaves are smaller, thicker, curlier, and they have more pronounced details in the veins.

They are a beautiful ground cover that lasts all season.

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  1. Love this photo. It shows the contrast between the white and green perfectly. A great shot.

  2. Not only is this a lovely plant, but the colors and composition of the photo are great. Happy GTS. :-)

  3. Hi Kathy,
    that is one fresh looking hosta, mine are normally full of holes as the slugs tuck in.
    Thank you for the vote I should be through to the next round, voting starts again tomorrow.

    Cheers Mark

  4. Very pretty hosta plant. Do you have a lot of varieties? Happy GTS,

  5. I love hostas Kathy, they bring a lushness to the garden besides filling up a border. Great how you can grow plants and photograph them too - I hope you're doing a calender for the New Year! :)

  6. That is a very healthy looking hosta.

  7. Oh, I haven't really seen any hosta plants like that. Interesting twist.

    A very green one - just like my whole post is greenish ;-)

  8. Mark - mine start to get in sad shape as the hot days of August start rolling around. Haven't seen too many slugs though.

  9. Aiyana, I only have the one kind, but since one of them is changing, who knows what types I will get next year!

  10. WFW - I hadn't thought about a calendar - I will have to check into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. I will be over shortly to check out your green post, Captain!

  12. This is a fabulous photograph and a great plant. I love the foliage on the varigated hosta.
    SAra from farmingfriends

  13. Beautiful image Kathy, I love the different colors of this plant the greens and whites play well off each other.

  14. Here my hosta need more water than they routinely get - so they don't last all season and they don't spread like those in more favorable climes seem to do.

  15. Love the sculptural forms in this image!

  16. Hostas are my favorite. I must have 100 different varieties.

    They're all dead for the year.


  17. Beautiful shot, it looks like the white is actually dripping off the leaves.

  18. Very nice composition, Kathy. You did a great job of balancing the green and creamy colored aspects.


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