Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Processing Images

I have been spending the last few days processing some winter images that I have not had the time to do.

I have many new images that I am eager to get to, but I have made my self sit down and work on the ones that I have taken before them, otherwise, they will never get done. If I do not discipline myself then they all just pile up and some of the good images will never get processed.

Granted, the good ones are only about 1 in 100, but the usable ones for stock images are about 1 in 20. Good thing for digital images and cameras - the cost for film and photo processing would be ridiculous.

I use Photoshop, version 7, for my processing software. I try to keep the processing to a minimum, usually just a levels, brightness, and saturation tweak. Getting the image correct in the camera is best way, because no amount of post-processing is going to help to help an image that is unfocused or overexposed or too noisy, etc.

I use none of the fancy settings on my camera - the contrast, saturation, noise, etc, are all turned off. I do not like adding noise or artifacts to my images through the camera's software programing. If I want any of those options, I add them very minimumly through Photoshop. It is best to keep it all as natural and simple as possible.

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