Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Organizing Categories

The last week has been spent focusing on the Stock Images category in my photo galleries.

I have been trying to keep the layout simple without too many subcategories within the categories themselves. Building the pages and galleries and then linking them together has been a learning experience. There is really a lot of customization available within the smugmug pages - it is just finding it and figuring it all out that takes up loads of time.

Uploading the images is also very time consuming as it ties up the computer and slows down the DSL connection for the other computers in my network. I try to fit in the uploading around the busy times.

This week I will continue to condense and restructure my galleries as much of my work is stock related. All of my galleries will allow stock purchasing and downloading, but I think for now I will keep my Landscapes and Nature galleries separate as they are more appealing as prints also.

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