Monday, April 16, 2007

Smugmug for Photo Web Host

After searching and looking at hundreds of photography websites, I finally settled on Smugmug to host my art work.

The pages are completely customizable, and that is one of the big reasons for choosing them. I didn't want an empty site that I had to build from scratch and try to find compatible software to install on it. My coding knowledge is minimal, so I needed a good base to build upon. Smugmug offered that hands down, and the forums are great with many experienced members quickly helping out.

I can also offer sales and have public and private galleries. The space is unlimited as is the bandwidth.

I like the professional look the site provides, and there are many pro photographers who have their sites hosted here as well.

They offer several plans for hosting to suit each user. By using the link above and registering, you can save $5.00 on the the hosting plan that you choose.

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