Thursday, April 19, 2007

Customizing Website

I have designed and changed three header banners for my site. It is really not a quick and easy thing to do to get the correct look, then get the coding correct so it all works on the website.

I searched the internet for a unique font, one that photoshop would recognize, then looked at many other websites for examples.

I like to use the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) theory most of time, and adding a somewhat elegant, yet professional look to the equation made the solution a bit harder for me. I think I finally hit it right on the third try.

Smugmug has a great forum that is called Dgrin (Digital Grin Photography Forum). It contains so much information and if you can't find what you are looking for, the forum members are more than happy to help you. I swear I had answers to my posts within 2 seconds of posting a new thread.

My photoshop experience has been limited to working on and correcting images, so designing something from scratch was also a learning experience. It turned out pretty easy to do overall.

I still have much more to do on my site, and many more pages to design and customize before I will be all set

I am pleased with the work that I have accomplished in a week's time. It has all been a learning experience, and each little tweak that gets done is one less thing on the list. Funny thing is though, just when I think I am beginning to make a dent in that list, more things get added on to it. Such how it goes!

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