Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ABC Wednesday - N is for Nests - with Birds!

N is for Nests............

blue herons on their nests

If you have been following my last few posts, then you know I have been watching some nests that are perched high in the bare treetops of a swamp.

And I am so excited to make this post!

I spotted those nests right off on our late winter hike, and was surprised they were still in the trees as we had a horrendous wind storm just a couple weeks before.

The birds must make them pretty tough to withstand that.

On our hike last weekend, I had my 80-300mm lens on my camera so I could zoom in on them on the other side of the swamp.

I could see the outline of one of the birds standing in a nest, and at the time I took the photos, I thought there was only one nest occupied.

When I got home, and zoomed in on the photo on the computer, I was quite surprised to see all the nests had birds.

The birds are Blue Herons - the ones we usually see standing along the shore with their long legs in the water and their long necks stretched high.

Hard to believe they these long-legged birds make their nests so high in the treetops.

If you click on the image, it will take you my website where you can view a larger photo.

Two birds were standing, all the rest were sitting - and they are all facing the same way.

Must be something to that - I will have to check that too next time we are there.

This is the sixth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. How exciting! I never knew they nested so high up in the trees. I'm sure your zoom shots are amazing...hope you share them soon.

  2. I really like your "Nests". I've become a bird watcher since putting out feed, many different kinds of birds are coming to by backyard.

    I'm sure I'll be seeing some nests soon.

  3. That is just awesome!! I have some herons that fish our pond in the summer but had no idea where to look for their nests....

  4. Birds built a nest on our back porch last year. they're back this week!
    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you for participating.

  5. Veeerrryyy nice.

  6. It's truly amazing how tough bird's nests are, especially when perched on poles or in exposed places. But I guess they've been learning how to make that simple structure for millennia!

  7. It always amazes me how high in the sky these birds make their nests and how they perch and do balancing acts on tiny phone lines or treetops. It's amazing. Love your photo

  8. They nest around here in November. They make their nests up high in Eucalyptus trees. And, they are very noisy....

  9. Nests is a great "N-word"! Interesting to find out that blue herons could nest that high up in trees. Your photos are amazing!
    My N-post is about items related to my work as jewellery-designer/maker.
    Take care!


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