Sunday, December 7, 2008

Handmade Christmas Ornament

Handmade Christmas Ornament

a handmade christmas ornament with flowers hanging from the tree

For years my mother-in-law spent many hours creating these beautiful Christmas ornaments.

In fact, there is not an ornament on our tree that has not been handmade by her.

From quilted balls, to wooden sleds, she loved to create these little crafts.

She would spend the summers gathering all the needed supplies, and come fall she would begin in full force.

She would donate many of them to the service club that she belonged to, but we could always count on a gift wrapped box for us under the tree each year with these beautiful creations.

She always held one aside for me to give as a gift at my job's Christmas holiday party games ornament exchange. I would then give her the one I got in exchange so she could have a new pattern for the next year's creations.

She has been gone for over sixteen years now, but each Christmas we feel her love around us as we decorate our tree with all her beautiful creations.

I have begun to put some of them aside to pass on to my children so they can have these love-filled memories in their homes too.


  1. That is a very beautiful ornament,and the fact that it was made by your mother does make hanging it on the tree each year a very special gift.

  2. They seem very special. What a treasure.

  3. How lovely, I would love to have the talent to do something like that myself.

  4. oh my Kathy how fortunate you truly are. This is a wonderful blessing. It's beautiful. What treasures to pass down to your children.

    I find this simply one of the most inspirational stories I have ever read about Christmas.

  5. Very beautiful Kathy, and the fact that it brings back fond memories of your Mother is awesome.

  6. Thanks for visiting, Steve, and for your kind words.

  7. Hi Karen, they certainly are treasures!

  8. Hi Jackie - My mother in law was a special lady - I was blessed and very fortunate to have had her in my life.


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