Sunday, November 11, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday - Green Succulent

Green Succulent for Green Thumb Sunday

hens and chickens plant in a boot planter

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This is a macro of a Hens and Chickens succulent plant.

You can see the sole of a boot just under the leaves on the lower left.

This old, worn out boot was recycled into a planter for this little plant, and it is totally filled with all sizes of Hens and Chicks.

My sister came up with this clever idea and it is a unique, beautiful addition to her garden.

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  1. A lovely succulent and a great idea about the boot.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. I'm learning about all kinds of plants from the Green thumb Sunday posts on your blog. I never heard of this plant before -- but I like it, and I like the boot planter idea, too. I'll have to keep an eye out for the Hens and Chicks as many people I know grow succulents in their gardens.

  3. I had to think for a minute what green thumb could be. Over here I guess we'd call it green fingered.

  4. Hi Bobbie - And I am learning so much from your blog! I won't be able to impress anyone with my knowledge though, I have never been diving and the cold New England waters are not the least bit enticing!

  5. Mike - finger, thumbs - they're all on the hands - works for me!

  6. You know how much I love your macro shots, you can feel the fuzziness of the leave edges in your close up.

  7. Nice plant picture. Is there a fruit for this plant :)

  8. Nice shot Kathy. I have these at home growing in one place, actually I have the small version that spreads, probably called differently. Every year they multiply and I just seperate them and put them in different places around the house outside, the places I have no time to do gardening, but still try to keep it nice, they are great - no water required. I think my neighbour wanted to do the same, so she got one, but I think it is the one you got on the photograph, however, I told her just go help yourself in my garden, its free, lol.

  9. It's a perfect "pot" for this plant, quite interesting.

  10. Nice shot! I used to have some of those.

  11. Hi Fruity - not that I know of.

  12. Anna - they are very prolific - it you have one you have a hundred in no time flat!

  13. Thanks for the visit, Oswegan!

  14. I guess I missed you last week on GTS. I would have remembered a succulent--right up my alley! Anyway, happy belated GTS--and since it's GTS again, I'll visit later today to see if you have a new photo.

  15. What a beautiful picture! I'm a fan of succulents and cacti so would love to see the whole boot full of Hens and Chicks as it must look so effective ~ :)


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