Sunday, November 18, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday - Grasses in the Water

Grasses in the Water for Green Thumb Sunday

backlit grasses in the water

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It was an overcast day when we climbed a small mountain to this little spring fed pond.

The light reflecting off the water was enough to make these water grasses appear to glow.

By using a polarizer, the glare was cut down on the water, and the roots became visible beneath the surface.

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  1. Great photo. The colors of the grass came out beautifully!

    Happy GTS!

  2. Cool effect. looks like the grass is lit up, very nice!

  3. Cool shot, I like the saturated greens.


  4. Love the rich, bright colours in the grass against the backdrop of water. Neat that the roots could be seen in the water ~ :)

  5. That water looks cold! Brrr..;-)

  6. Rick - even in the hot of summer that water is still freezing - the springs keep it quite chilly!

  7. Such rich greens -- but that water looks cold!

  8. Bobbie - It's very cold water!

  9. I guess I missed you last GTS, so I'll do a "twofer" today. This photo is lovely. What kind of camera do you use? I'm too lazy to use different lenses, and I just like to point and shoot. When I see photos like this--I start thinking maybe I should expand my horizons!

  10. Thanks, Aiyana.

    I used my old Sony CD500 for this shot, and just got in really close - not much of a zoom on it, but it's saving grace is the Carl Zeiss glass in the lens.

    I now use a Sony A100 DSLR, and I love having my choice of lenses back. I missed it with the point and shoot camera. I would definitely encourage you to try different lenses - it opens up a whole new world!



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