Sunday, October 24, 2010

Half a Rainbow

Half a Rainbow

a rainbow during a summer storm

I knew it would be there somewhere in the sky.

It was pouring right where we were, but the sun was shining directly in our eyes as we headed home in the car.

I kept looking behind us - I know that was where it would be in order for the sun to shine through the drops and make the rainbow.

But the trees were all around us, so I couldn't find it anywhere.

Then we crested the hill about two miles from our home.

It is an intersection that has a corner store, so the area is cleared of trees.

I looked back, and the whole rainbow was arching across the sky.

Actually it was a double rainbow with a faint one just over the top of the bright one.

My husband pulled into the parking lot of the store, and since it was pouring, I was able to sit in the car and take the photo through the open window.

What a treat - being in the right place at the right time!

Next time I will post the whole view - stay tuned!


  1. Oh my! I love the rainbow! Not sure if "luck" was a part of this wonderful capture. :)

  2. Wow...for getting the whole thing! I usually only get a part of it - too many trees in the way :)

  3. waw fantastic rainbow.I really enjoy your post.


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