Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ABC Wednesday - O is for Ornithology

O is for Ornithology............

a brown duck standing in the water

Ornithology is the science of birds.

And I am in need of the knowledge from an ornithologist, or someone who studies birds.

This duck appeared at the lake about two weeks ago.

It is always alone.

It is always in the same area by the boat ramp.

My first question is: what kind of duck is it - wild or domestic?

Is it a male or female?

I am concerned that if it is domestic, we are going to have to find someone to come and get it so it can have a home.

If it is wild, shouldn't it be part of a flock heading south for the winter?

I have seen this bird on the side of the road picking in the gravel - it has come close to getting hit by a car several times.

Hopefully I am worried about it for nothing, and one of my readers can let me know about it.

So if anyone has any idea about this kind of duck, please let me know.

And I thank you in advance for sharing it with me.

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  1. I believe your duck is a Muscovy Duck. We have them at our local parks year round. Some of these are domestic. I would think that the you have should be heading south soon.

  2. Sorry I don;t know about the duck. It has unusual markings and you might try finding it online or by calling your local zoo. Good luck!

  3. I wish I could help, but I don't know anything about ducks. It's very cute, though, with that red around its eye. I want to think it's a female, but I'm just guessing. Maybe it's a male, if it hangs around close to the cars. I'd be like you, though, I'd want to DO something about it. Is there a department of wildlife anywhere near you? Or one you could call, at least?

  4. Hi Jean, Thanks for letting me know about her - from other photos I have looked at on online, I do believe it is a she. The Wiki said they can withstand ice and snow up to 10 degrees even though they are considered a tropical bird. Hopefully she will head south or another one will come along so she can have some company to snuggle up with during our cold New England winter. Glad to know what she is now!

  5. Your post is for the birds - I mean that on a gOOd way!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Oh, I have absolutely no idea what type duck this may be. Good photo!

  7. I'm no duck expert, but that red mask makes me think it's a hybrid Muscovy, maybe with a white domestic duck. Probably belongs in someone's farmyard or pond.

  8. The photo is amazing.I would think that the you have should be heading south soon.I enjoy.

  9. Clever choice of O-word!
    Best wishes,

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