Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Purple Sunset Clouds - My World

Purple Sunset Clouds - My World

purple and pink sunset clouds

Last week's post showed the beautiful pink lined clouds opposite the setting sun.

But the real show was going on behind me.

Once again, the photo just does not show the vibrant colors that Mother Nature was painting across the sky.

The fiery pinks were a perfect contrast against the muted purples.

The clouds were all lit up from the sun on the underneath and it really was spectacular.

I was sitting in my chair when I snapped the photo, and there were a few strands of tall grasses that were quite blurry in the foreground.

Quite an eyesore they were, and it took quite a bit of time in photoshop to remove them.

Time consuming, but so worth it in the end.

Hope you enjoy this little corner of my world, my friends!

MWT White


  1. really beautiful sky colors..the photo looks like a painting. have a good week!

  2. Those are dreamy skies :-)

  3. Hi KML, Really pretty picture. Thanks for sharing with us. I appreciate all your visits to my blog. Wishing you a great day! :D


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