Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pink Lining - My World

Pink Lining - My World

pink lining on purple clouds at sunset

While waiting for the fireworks a couple of weeks ago, the sun was making a glorious departure from the sky.

It was setting behind me, but it was casting such gorgeous color on the clouds in front of me.

The photo can hardly do it justice - the colors were so bright and vivid.

We were set up right beside a cornfield, and the corn was about waist high at the time.

There is a church steeple in the distance that is just barely visible behind the trees in this small image.

It was such a pleasant evening - a few bugs, but not chilly at all.

I have an image of the clouds behind me that I can't wait to post next time.

Don't forget to come back - it will be so worth it!

MWT White


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