Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time to Cut the Grass

Time to Cut the Grass

blades of green grass

For the second time this season, and in less than a week, the grass has needed a mowing.

It has come in so thick and lush this year.

Hoping it stays like this for the whole summer.

Usually by the time August comes around it has turned into brown shriveled up hay.

And the dirt under it is so dry it just puffs with each step.

But right now we will enjoy the lushness, and even the work of the mowing - I figure we walk at least a mile with all the rounds we make around the yard.

Spring is certainly grand!


  1. Your photos are Outstanding!!! Following you is a not brainier.

  2. ahhhh....wonderful, green. Ours is not growing very fast even though we've had a lot of rain.


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