Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ABC Wednesday - P is for Pink

P is for Pink............

bright pink wild rose

Bright pink, that is.

We took a sprig from a wild bush that was beside the ocean many years ago.

We transported it home, and hoped it would take in the garden.

Well, this little "sprig" has turned into a plant that is about 10 feet tall.

And I don't dare do anything to it.

The thorns are horrific!

Tons of them, large and small, not a bare spot on any of the branches.

Even a pair of thick leather work gloves are not immune to them.

Such a hardy plant this one is, and she produces such beautiful blooms.

I will have to photograph those thorns - they are as ugly as those flowers are gorgeous!

This is the sixth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Is that a rose? BEautiful pink that is. Happy Wednesday!

    ABC Wednesday~P

  2. It's very beautiful. Looks to me like a dog rose. They are very thorny plants.

  3. It's beautiful - looks like a wild rose.

  4. It is very pretty, even if it is dangerous with those thorns!

  5. Wonderful shot. Thansk for sharing. Happy ABC Wednesday!

  6. Beautiful flower to have such vicious thorns. Great picture.

  7. Held hostage by a prickly plant!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Phabulous photo!

    And how very clever of your pink flower to find a way to PROTECT itself, knowing that it was going to be highlighted on P week!

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday Team, Thanks for participating this week. Hope you can join us again next week.


  9. It looks like a wild rose bush. I used to have some of them and, YES!, the thorns are wicked. They are very hardy (unless your husband digs them up). Lovely color.

  10. What a beautiful picture of a beautiful flower.


  11. I have three plants of Rosa Eglanteria, which really is a wild rose. Their bloom looks just like this one. I've given up trying to prune or tame them; like you said, those thorns are vicious!

  12. Lovely...and how do the roses smell. I so miss Rose bushes in Ohio...with a wonderful scent. Seems Arizona has beautiful flowers, but no rose scent.

  13. A perfect p post!
    ABC Wednsday is so fun!


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