Friday, November 13, 2009

Photo Tip Friday - Overcast Days

Photo Tip Friday - Overcast Days

the harbor breaker wall on an overcast day

Picture perfect days with blue skies and fluffy white clouds don't always work into our schedules when it comes to taking photos on a trip.

When having to work with what we have - it isn't always bad to have an overcast day.

A slight cloud cover at sunrise or sunset can make for some pretty dramatic colors.

Even though a cloud cover can make for less light, what is available is a more even light - no harsh shadows and contrasts to avoid or work around.

Landscapes can get a bit boring when the sky is all white - it gives a flat, washed-out look to the image, so try to include less of the sky in a landscape on a completely overcast day.

Even though it was overcast in the above landscape image, I still used my polarizer - and it was able to pick up a bit of definition in the clouds.

So not all is lost on an overcast day. By looking at things a bit differently, it can work out after all!

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  1. Thanks for the tip Kathy, the overcast sky ins't that good for my bird shooting, unless I can find a better background than the sky - but for my luck I always get the bird on top of the tree, lol. Thanks for sharing good tip again. Anna :)


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