Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Atop Mount Washington - My World

Atop Mount Washington - My World

the view from the top of mount washington in nh

This image was taken several years ago - with a manual SLR camera and a roll of slide film.

We climbed Mount Washington, the highest summit in the northeast on a hot summer day on a motorcycle.

It was very windy and quite cold at the summit.

We left the tree line about half way up the mountain - all that was left on the barren top was lichen on the rocks - and how hardy that life form was!

It is said that on a crystal clear day, one can see the Atlantic Ocean which is over 80 miles away - as the bird flies.

It was an experience I will not forget - standing on top of my world for an afternoon.

MWT White

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  1. Memories...I hiked up Mt. Washington about 5 years ago. The hike is pretty relentless and took us about 5 hours if I remember correctly.
    I have to say, the summit is the least 'zen' summit i've been too, with so many people and so many cars. But, you can buy a t-shirt!

    Still, the view is incredible.


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