Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nature's Fury

Nature's Fury

a tree stuck in the trees after a flood

This state park has been closed for the past two years due to severe flood damages that have been too expensive to repair.

We entered it from the back end and were able to take a walk through it.

If you remember my images of the flooded dam tower, then this is part of the area that is all under the water.

Take a look at that horizontal tree stuck up high in the branches of the pines towering above us.

It was wedged there by the receding flood waters.

It's another one of the reasons why this park remains closed - the dangers overhead that many people will not even see.

And those picnic tables under the trees look so inviting.

This scene is repeated all around the park.

Hopefully in the future it will be safely picked up so we can all enjoy it again.


  1. I hope they have it all cleaned up soon. It loks like a marvelous place to hike and also get pictures!!

    Which by the way you have proven by posting this one. Please remember to becareful!! Ha, ha this coming from a nut case who stood only a few away from a really over sized big bobcat just to get a picture.

    Happy day Kathy!!:-)

  2. Wow the water gets that deep? What a shame, looks like a beautiful spot. Hopefully they can find the money to make the repairs

  3. It does look so inviting but that horizontal tree stuck up in those branches, very precarious. Still beautiful though.

  4. i have this odd habit of pulling down low-hanging branches that have been loosened by the wind. siomeone said i was anal, but i just don't want them to land on someone's head. i do understand the park's closing.


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