Thursday, March 26, 2009

Something New and Different

Something New and Different

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I have just been invited to check out and comment on a new website that has been established since July of 2008.

I get quite a few emails that contain requests for links or memberships. Some I give a quick look and into the trash they go, and others I will seriously investigate and then make my decision.

This request really intrigued me since it deals with photography, and looking further into it, I discovered it is more of a news site that is designed for amateur and pro photographers alike.

The main focus of this site is citizen participation in reporting the news online.

It sounds like a really different concept, and they have several categories that one can submit their photos to with a short caption to go with it.

They feature the best of each day on their homepage, which can bring added exposure for our own websites as well.

They are also sponsoring a Photo Contest with a certain theme and they will be giving away several great prizes that any photographer would be happy to win.

There is some really great photography on this site, and it is good to see regular people having their work promoted and getting some well deserved exposure.

Of course, I have already signed up, and since I never leave the house without my camera anyway - you just never know.


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  1. Good luck with it, Kathy. It sounds exciting and I think I may check it out. Thanks for the heads up!


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