Sunday, March 15, 2009

Many Gulls for Green Thumb Sunday

Many Gulls for Green Thumb Sunday

many gulls standing on a rock at the ocean

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Last week the sea gulls were floating around in the cove on the incoming tide.

This week's post is showing where they are all hanging out - at least until the tide is full.

They were coming and going - spending time on the water looking for food and then taking the time to preen or nap.

If you look at the larger image (by clicking on the photo), you will see some with their heads tucked under their wings - secure that the rest will let them know of danger.

Some are sitting on the rocks - enjoying the warmth they have to offer - some of them are standing on one leg in the typical bird sleeping position.

There is a "pecking order" to this group, as there often is in the bird world - and my guess for the leader would be one of those sitting ones - napping on the highest, driest spot.


  1. The water appears calm. They must be very happy :)

  2. Wonderful shot Kathy. I love to go to the beach and feed the seagulls.

    Last year Chase was only three and scared to death of them at first. they kept swooping down trying to snatch his sandwich.

    But, after a few visits to the beach he now loves to go and feed them.

    Happy day!!:-)))

  3. i like to watch sea gulls...
    there is a lake near our's nice to watch them...

  4. Kathy this is so cool photo, water on the top, water on the bottom and the ribbon of seagulls in the middle on the rocks. Well framed! I like seagulls, lol. They seem to be topic in many posts these days :).
    Anna :)

  5. I like seagulls, too. Would you believe that there are no seagulls here in Hawaii? We have many other seabirds, but no gulls. Doesn't seem right!

  6. Hi Bobbie - I would have never guessed that - I thought they were everywhere!


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