Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gulls in the Cove for Green Thumb Sunday

Gulls in the Cove for Green Thumb Sunday

gulls swimming in the ocean cove

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First, I must apologize for missing last Sunday and not posting a Green Thumb image. I had promised to show what the little ocean creatures in the seaweed were hiding from, and I am sorry for the longer wait.

Well, this week, I will make that entry, and as you can see from the image above, it's these seagulls.

Now, all looks nice and peaceful as they float along on the top, in and out of the seaweed beds, but don't let them fool you.

They were bobbing up and down with their heads ducking under water and coming up with small morsels. And they were doing this at a very frantic pace so there must have been quite a bit hiding in the seaweed.

Oh, and it looks like there are only a few eating at this time - but they have a system and in the photo that I will post next week, I would say they have an hierarchy too.


  1. Hi, & good day to you, KML.

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    I hope that you may want to take a look at them & have a pleasurable read & viewing. Please do leave a comment or two to help me improve my blog. Thanks in advance. Keep in touch.


  2. Seagulls are funny little critters and your write up made me smile. I don't see them here at all in the mountains so I need to travel about 4 hours to the nearest large lake to get glimpses of them but they are quite the characters but not often I'll see them bobbing on the water as you have in your photo, usually just soaring through the air asking for handouts from the tourists...
    this is a beautiful photo with the greenery!

    Hope your weekend is going well!

  3. Oh i can't wait for Maine. I am doing okay Kathy and you?

    This is a wonderful shot. I love the ocean!!:-)

  4. Thanks Michele - I do enjoy watching and feeding them - but beware, they can be quite grabby. When my daughter was about 7, we were eating sandwiches in a park beside the sea. One of those gulls came right up and grabbed it out of her hand. I'll never forget the look on her face.

  5. Hi Jackie - glad to hear things are well for you - after the end of last week you certainly deserve it!

    I so love the ocean too!

  6. Great shot again.
    Love the geode pic such a brillant colour.

  7. Kathy, we are like-minded and running neck and neck, or should I say gull and gull, with our posts!

    I enjoyed your photo. :)

  8. The image has captured the menace of the gulls = flying rats

    I find them hard to photograph well

  9. Great shot. See them all the time here at the mall when it is warmer, they love fries, actually they fight over anything, quite funny to watch them.


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