Thursday, February 26, 2009

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

newcastle lighthouse in portsmouth harbor

In keeping with the posts I have been making about standing on a cement dock at the ocean, this is the view to the north.

This lighthouse is in New Castle, which is also in Portsmouth Harbor.

It is called the Portsmouth Harbor Light, and it is part of the Coast Guard Station that is just off to the left of the tower.

This lighthouse dates back to before the American Revolution, and it includes the remains of a fort that was used during that time.

There are underground caverns and tunnels that are constructed with iron bars and hatches that are all hand wrought.

These forts are situated on both sides of the river - all hidden by the granite ledges, trees, and grassy knolls along the coast of the harbor.

Sad to say, they are no longer accessible to the public - too much trash, vandalism, and abuse has made them a hazard and unsafe to visit.

Peering into the darkness through the barred open windows gives one the creeps, and you can almost feel the ghosts. Dank, dark, and spooky.

I'll stay outside in the bright sun and enjoy the lighthouse view and salt air as it breezes against my face.


  1. I had to look twice at this, because I live very close to Portsmouth in England! In spite of heavy bombing during the war, there are some historic buildings to see near the sea.

  2. Kathy, too bad that the lighthouses get closed down, I would love to climb one of those and may be get some shots from that side of the world. Very nice photo, and love the sky behind. Boy I miss Anna :)

  3. Great shot, I am so pining for summer, actually more like whining. I would love one day to tour a lighthouse.

  4. Lighthouses are mysterious, interesting subjects to photograph,wondering what ships the light saved and the gales the house endured, what stories they could tell. What a shame the public can no longer visit due to trash..........

  5. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment today. Hope you have a great week!


  6. The way you describe it is lovely - I really wish I was there! You have a great way of conveying a scene to a reader - I want to feel a salty breeze on my face! I don't think that is going to happen in land-locked Denver, tho. :(

    Enjoy - I want to trade places!

  7. That's such a pretty scene. I love lighthouses, and this one has an interesting story, too.

  8. Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse is open for tours from May through October! I volunteer for the lighthouse group that cares for it, visit our website for the latest tour dates and times. You can climb to the top and experience the view, as well as hear some interesting history and see the magnificent 4th Order Fresnel lens up close!

  9. Ross - thank you so much for visiting my site and posting this info. I am so excited - and will be there for sure to visit.

    Thank you so much!


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