Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Active Teen

An Active Teen

a teen driving golf balls at the driving range

In this day and age of technology, I am glad that my son still enjoys the great outdoors and keeping himself active in a variety of activities.

Now, I am not saying that he doesn't enjoy video games as much as the other boys his age, but he does put them in their place.

And he doesn't mind that we still only have a Playstation 3 unit - saving his money is also important to him. He enjoys the old Sega unit once in a while too - you can't find some of the old video games for the newer units.

He does like to read about the newer systems and games though, so even though he doesn't play them all, he keeps up with video game news.

And he also keeps up with the newer lacrosse and fishing equipment - and don't even get him started on cars and engines.

I am glad he has such a wide variety of interests and spends his time wisely so he can enjoy them all.

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