Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flowing Seaweed for Green Thumb Sunday

Flowing Seaweed for Green Thumb Sunday

flowing seaweed under water

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My last Green Thumb Sunday post was about a piece of abandoned seaweed on the beach in the sand.

This week the seaweed is still in the water. It is attached to all the rocks underneath it, and as the tide comes in, it begins to float and wave back and forth in the ocean's currents.

All the little ocean creatures that were hiding under it during low tide also begin to move around and scramble for a new hiding place.

Next week I will show you what they are hiding from.


  1. Beautiful Kathy, thanks for posting the green, I am going to have to take more images of green things before I go into another long winter.

  2. Thanks, Bob! I can't wait for the green to return too!

  3. Simply lovely Kathy,
    Oh I can't wait for my visit to Maine! Your pictures bring back such memories....I can't wait!!

  4. Very beautiful photo, Kathy! I can't wait to see what they are hiding from.

    Oh, there's my banner....

    Have a warm and cozy evening, Kathy. :)

  5. Just dropping in to say hello!!:-)

  6. Hi Kathy,
    Just dropping to say hello and hope your week is going well so far. Also wanted to let you know that I am leaving CMF as a publisher.

    My speed on satellite is just too slow to do both. So I contacted Ben this morning and ask to b removed as a publisher as soon as my current ads are over.

    I hope you'll still visit me!!

  7. Hi Jackie - of course I will still visit you. Too bad it didn't work out for you.

    Take care!

  8. So nice. I don't know about you, but I could just sit all day watching seaweed like this going back and forth with the water.


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