Sunday, February 1, 2009

Autumn Sumac for Green Thumb Sunday

Autumn Sumac for Green Thumb Sunday

red sumac in the autumn beginning to deteriorate

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This past autumn the sumac leaves along the edge of our yard were a more red color than the fiery orange that I have seen in the years past.

I kept my eyes on these guys daily - I wanted to catch them at their peak. It also had to be the right time of the day when the sun was on them. And the sun had to be out in order to have enough light for the photo.

Well, by the time all these conditions were met, of course the peak for them had gone by.

See all those tiny little white "dots"?

Those are holes as the leaves were beginning to deteriorate. You can even see the blue sky through some of them.

I had noticed they were not in their prime when I took the photo, but it wasn't until I was processing it that I noticed all those tiny little holes.

The camera had picked up the light shining through them, where my eyes didn't catch it at all - certainly not the blue sky showing through.

Sometimes it makes me wonder what else my eyes don't see - and that's a pretty unnerving thought!


  1. Excellent lighting with beautiful red here!

  2. BEAUTIFUL contrast of it!!

  3. Gasp! This is outstanding!! Love the color!

  4. Thanks, Roentarre - by the time the light was perfect, the leaves weren't anymore. I'm still happy with it though.

  5. Thanks, Michele - the colors were gorgeous this year.

  6. Beautiful as always Kathy...simply outstanding. I happen to be one of those people who absolutely loves Sumac. Thank goodness I'm not allergic because we have it everywhere.

    And oh my gosh please forgive me for not being by for the last few days.

    I just now realized that you weren't marked in my favorites while I was preparing my top droppers list.

    And I had a lot of stuff come up this weekend. My real life best friend had heart surgery this morning.

    But, I just got the phone call and all is really,really good!:-)

  7. Hi Jackie - I love Sumac too - especially in the fall. I have no reaction to it either - but I hear things can change every seven years, so I try not to test it too often.

    Glad your friend is doing well - they can do wonders these days!

  8. Kathy, if you're like me, the white dots registered to your eye as frost!

    But it IS unnnerving to think that at times, we photographers are so anxious to shoot, that we can miss the obvious!

  9. Great composition with that sky-blue background, Kathy. Perfect complementary color for sumac leaves.

  10. So true, Lynda. But we get some good surprises sometimes too!


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