Sunday, November 9, 2008

Overgrown Mini Golf for Green Thumb Sunday

Overgrown Mini Golf for Green Thumb Sunday

overgrown grass in an abandoned mini golf course

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For the last couple of weeks, I have been posting images that were photographed at an abandoned miniature golf course.

It had been left unused for a year as the owner had passed away and there was no interest in keeping it running.

We stopped in before everything was completely dismantled, and this image shows the condition of it as nature began to reclaim it.

The plot of land is still for sale, but for developers only.

Our family enjoyed many outings here over the years, but as always - change must come.


  1. Great shot Kathy!! Wow they need to tend to that huh?
    Happy Sunday:-)

  2. It's rather surreal. Scientists say that should the human species ever manage to become extinct it would not take nature very long to reclaim the earth and heal itself.

  3. Hi Kathy,
    Oh dear terrible weather here today and I keep losing my connection.

    But to answer your question I got a Canon Rebel XSI with 2 different lenses. I have a UV lens and my zoom is only a 250.0 and that's not enough for what I want to do.

    As soon as possible I am going to get a much larger zoom lens. I really want to get good close ups of animals and birds in the wild.

    And I also want a macro lens. It's all very expensive as I am sure you know. But, if I am going to keep at this then I need the right tools to do with it.

    Oh I hope your Monday has been better than mine. This weather has me so far behind on everything!!

    Gotta' run!:-)))

  4. I enjoyed mini golf till my wife beat me at a game of it this summer…well at least there is still air hockey…


  5. There is something really poignant about that.

  6. Hey, nice blog here. I love the different pictures and the layout is great. it's a shame to see something you've enjoyed for years gone though- re golf course. I don't suppose I could ask a cheeky favour? (i know i don't know you!) but how did you get your 'blogger communities' buttons all in one box like that at the bottom of your page? And so small and tidy? Mine fill up my side bar and look awful! Sorry for asking :)

  7. Mother Nature is ultimately in charge of things, after all. ;-}


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