Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back-lit Grasses for Green Thumb Sunday

Back-lit Grasses for Green Thumb Sunday

backlit glowing green grasses

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Back-lighting worked very well in this image.

It gives the green grass a glowing appearance and brightens the whole subject.

These plants were growing along the edge of a pond, and I have found that I get my best back-lit images from these areas.

I sometimes wonder if the light reflecting off the surface of the water helps to make the plants glow.

It is hard for the eye to even see it - we are usually squinting against the brightness of the sun.

But leave it to the camera to catch it - all part of the beauty of photography!


  1. Another lovely shot. Isn't it amazing how you can take something so simple and turn it into a beautiful piece of art.

    I hope you are having a great day!!:-)

  2. interesting shot, I only wish your images were sized larger on the blog. I think reducing their size makes them lose some of the magic a photo captures. Although using larger sizes can put a real strain on the storage space you have available.

  3. Thanks, Jackie - yes, photography is amazing!

  4. Hi WiseAcre - Ah, but if you click on the photo, it brings you to a larger sized image on my website. Clicking it there will make it even bigger. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The lighting makes this a winning photograph

    Great framing to create a criss crossing pattern of leaves

  6. Kathy, they certainly are beautifully backlit! I know what you mean about the nearby water adding a glow. I think so, too. :)

  7. Green is all but gone here...Miss it already. All we have is the crunching of fallen pecan leaves to remind us of a more colorful time...nice capture!

  8. I love your backlit pictures, very interesting, photography is amazing and you know some cool things.

  9. Hi Kathy,
    Just popping in to say hello and thank you for dropping by this morning. I am trying to master that shutter speed.

    I hope you are having a great day!

  10. I love the way the light comes through the grasses. Very pretty.

  11. KML,
    A lovely photo. I'm glad I read the other comments as I've often wished the photos were larger. Now I know to take one more step after the initial click.

  12. I have gave you some linky love for being a top dropper thanks so much.

    Ask Ms Recipe


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