Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Running Around for Me!

No Running Around for Me!

a teen boy running in a game field

This will not be me when the day after Thanksgiving arrives.

Black Friday is known for all the good deals that can be found at 5:00 AM - after one has stood in a long line for hours before.

And after one runs around like a mad person trying to be first in line to actually stand a chance to get one of the great deals.

And after one has spent the previous day scouring all the sale fliers, marking the pages, writing the lists, and adding up the costs of all these great deals.

The route gets mapped out, and if you're lucky, a partner will take half the list to ensure the success of this madness.

No - none of this for me this year!

I will be comfy and warm, sitting here at my computer, making my purchases with the click of my mouse.

As the sale fliers become available, the website posts them for each retailer.

They also include all the online deals the retailers will be offering on that day too.

I have been looking for one of those digital frames for my aunt, and so far I have found the best deal at CVS, of all places.

Perhaps when the bigger electronic stores have their fliers ready, they may have a better deal.

The best deal of the day will get our business!


  1. He seems a little lonely there. funny post as usual. I love your blog

  2. Great shot, makes me tired just watching, hey I got mine digital frame at Wal-Mart , great price.

  3. Hi Bob - Walmart will definitely be on the list. Sometimes it's hard to bet their deals!

  4. My wife starts looking at that "black Friday" site starting in October. She's getting ready.

    And, she WILL be running around on the day after Thanksgiving. She loves it. Always has.

  5. No running around for me, either, Kathy! As the family gets older, we are buying fewer gifts and I'm glad of it. It's more important to just enjoy each other.

    Great photo capture!

  6. I am shopping on line this year too, lol, but for xmas. Just does not get any better, to do it from my own warm chair, lol. Very nice shot, love the contrast between the white and green, Anna :)


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