Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brown Cattail - My World

Brown Cattail - My World

brown cattail in the swamp

There were not too many of these cattails growing around the swamp.

I was glad to see that the few that were there were close to the edge that I was standing on.

And not too far in the water so I could get a good close-up of them.

I remember when I was in girl scouts, many years ago, we learned that the pollen from these plants, at the right time of the year, could be used as flour.

I always was amazed by that, but never had the opportunity to try it.

It must produce quite a bit of pollen though as flour is usually used in measurable amounts.

Hopefully we can back to the swamp to catch them in their next stage - all fluffed out.

MWT White

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  1. wow! amazing photography! I like your photography blog. You did wonderful job!


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