Friday, June 25, 2010

Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird

a man overlooking a river

He flitted around, never settling down too close.

He had a lot to say as he called during the entire time he was overhead.

Perhaps trying to keep me occupied with him so I wouldn't "find" his babies.

At first I thought he was a Mocking Bird, but after watching and listening for a while it was clear he was a Gray Catbird.

Didn't have my long lens on so this was as close as I could get.

I enjoyed his serenade and then left him in peace so he could finish with his business.


  1. I am enjoying the Grey Catbirds also. You may not have had a long lens but you still got a splendid picture of this cool bird.

  2. What a cool bird and super cool name, great shot Kathy.

  3. Hi, you have wonderful photographs. How I wish you would place your blog logo down below and not in the middle because it disrupts the beauty of your photograph.


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