Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ABC Wednesday - F is for Firing Range

F is for Firing Range.............

targets at a firing range

It was right before hunting season started, and the boys needed to sight in their rifles.

We live in the country - but it isn't rural enough anymore that we can just set up a target in the backyard.

So, upon calling the local police, we discovered that the recycling center for our town had the outdoor facilities for the state and local police to train and practice.

We just had to fit ourselves in around their schedules, get the correct signed permissions, and we use it.

They really had quite a set-up down away from the where the public goes to drop off their trash and recycling.

Aside from these stationary targets, there were a couple of buildings and blinds that were also used.

Off to one side, there was a whole course with jumps, fences, and tubes set up for training the police dogs.

It was really kind of cool to see all this set up.

The boys accomplished their sightings while I combed the area with my camera.

I got some strange looks from some of the locals visiting the dump since it isn't the most prime spot for taking photos, but the stock photographer in me couldn't have cared less at the time.

The boys were having fun, I was having a ball, and we were all cleaned up and out of there before the next round of troopers arrived.

This is the fourth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. this picture is so post modernist

    A sad touch to the image itself. Good toning and story

  2. Looks like a great place to shoot, pun intended. I'm glad the people in charge let you in, so the boys could accomplish their task and you could get some photos.

    I've taken pix in dumps but a lot of those places really don't seem to want any publicity. Probably for a variety of reasons which I don't need to list.

    Your photo is Very exciting!

  3. What a great composition you put together there Kathy. It's wonderful.

    P.s. I have post written about what happened to our followers and how you can at least fix your end of it.

    But, of course you may have heard by now....if so no bother!!

  4. Hi Jackie - Thanks for letting me know about the followers - I thought I made a lot of enemies overnight!

    Hopefully we can get it all fixed and back to normal

  5. Hi Roetarre - it does have a sad look to it. I didn't notice that at first - thanks for mentioning it!

  6. Hi Lynda - I know what you mean. At first I was nervous about it, but I stayed away from the dump part for the most part so it wouldn't set anyone off.

    People get really alarmed sometimes when a camera comes out.

  7. I love that first photo! It is quite a still life, isn't it? Nice composition, too.

    What an unusual thing to find at the recycling centre!

  8. Imagine the utter degradation of that model! Chosen for his manly muscles he's now an object of pot shots!

  9. An interesting "F." I agree with other commenters: it's sort of sad looking. Interesting, but sad.

  10. Kathy that is way cool you were able to use their firing range, very interesting shot too.

  11. What an interesting pic and read. Enjoyed it.

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