Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ABC Wednesday - D is for Dry Ice

D is for Dry Ice.............

a bucket with dry ice melting

A bucket of fog - created by a small piece of dry ice.

About 10 minutes after we opened the cooler that had been shipped overnight to us, this white fog began emerging from the top.

Once exposed to the warm air in the room, the ice began to melt - in the form of fog.

We removed it to a bucket outside, and watched as it slowly began to crawl up the inside, swirling and rising until it reached the top.

Then it ever so slowly

a bucket with dry ice melting and spilling over the top

began to spill over the edge and creep down the outside with it's ghostlike fingers.

It was only a very small piece, but it took hours for it to "melt".

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and is used as a coolant - in our case, to keep food solidly frozen when it was shipped to us.

It did it's job perfectly, and supplied us with entertainment as well.

This is the fourth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Kathy not easy to take photo like that. Though I always enjoyed the dry ice fog formed. It is so cool to see air flowing. Anna :)

  2. Cool shots, Kathy! No pun intended. :)

    Those are ghostly strands--must have been mesmerizing to watch. Like watching licks of flame, but even more evasive.

    I had forgotten what dry ice is made of. Now I know... :)

  3. I like the effect of dry ice but it's painful when touched.. That's what I heard..

  4. Dry ice has always fascinated me - that and mercury. Great shots!!

  5. Fantastic shots Kathy and a very informative post. I have always been fascinated with dry ice since the first time I saw it in action.

    They had a room at school at a Halloween spook night that used dry ice to make fog. Now I know how they did it!:-)

  6. I would never have thoguht of photo-ing it.

  7. Cool idea for a shot Kathy, love dry ice and it's properties.

  8. Looks like your dry ice provided a great photo op. Well done, Kathy.


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