Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ABC Wednesday - C is for Chasing Crabs

C is for Chasing Crabs.............

two boys chasing crabs at the ocean

I don't have too many people photos in my portfolio. When selling stock images, you need to have release forms signed by the people in your images if you are offering them for sale as royalty free.

They can be sold as editorial stock images when you don't have the releases, but the call for them is usually limited to celebrities or current events.

I captured these two last summer while visiting the ocean.

They had waited until the tide was far enough out so they could get past the rocks and seaweed to wade in the water.

They were having a ball chasing the tiny crabs that were scurrying around their feet.

Their Mom made sure they had their water shoes on to protect their feet, and off they went with their pails and bags.

As hard as they tried, they were only able to catch one tiny crab. They may be slow on land, but in the water those little things can really move.

It made me chuckle. All I could think of was when my son was small, he stated he could outrun a chipmunk and catch it without a problem because it was so small. Seventeen years later that chipmunk still remains uncaught, but you know, I think he still thinks he can really outrun it.

Those precious moments - it still makes me smile!

This is the fourth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Oh dear,
    I am afraid that this brings back both a terrible and a very funny memory.

    Walter took me crabbing just once right after we were just married. thank goodness I was skinny thin. I'll explain that later.

    The first thing we caught was the weirdest fish that I have ever seen in my life and it barked at us. You read correctly. I swear you could have taped this fish barking and anyone would have thought it was a big dog barking. But, the fish it's self was actually quite small. It scared us and we immediately through it back in.

    Now to top this wonderful day off. We were down in the gulf in Texas, the humidity was incredible, the temp was close to 100 degrees, and the fire ants were swarming like mad.

    Guess who got the sneak attack from a gazillion ants? that's right it was me. Now fire ants are very sneaky. They ever so gently cover your body, you can't feel them crawling on you, and then they all sound the alarm and they start stinging!!

    Some where out there in this vast void quite a few people have a picture of me as I completely undressed while running for the car. That is why I am glad I was young and skinny.

    That was my one and only time to ever go crabbing!:-)

  2. Lol about your son and trying to catch the chipmunk, moments like these make life worth living.

  3. Oh that's funny! LOL!

    It reminds me of what people say about greyhounds. "You should never let them offlead because they can go from 0-45mph in one stride and you'll never catch them again".

    To which my reply is, "Honey, I'd like to see you catch a Jack Russell if he didn't want to be caught!"


  4. Oh Jackie - what a story! Reminds me of the time we went fiddleheading.

    We walked through a field and looking down at my pants, I was covered in ticks. I never felt them under my pants either.

    I immediately ran for the tar road. I tell you, my husband had to stop me from stripping down right in the middle of that road - I was determined to get all those ticks off my self right then and there.

    Needless to say, I have never gone into another field unless I was covered in bug spray. Those ticks are nasty!

    I can just imagine those fire ants. And to think how such small creatures can really get us going!

    Thanks for the smiles!!

  5. Oh Jay - that is too funny - and so true!

  6. I love these stories....and the little guys in the water are adorable! The cups I have were also a is a small world isn't it? I have heard that fire ants are awful and I am very glad I have not experienced them and hope never to!!

  7. Precious moment indeed. When I was reading what you shared about your son and the chipmunk, it made me smile too. Thank you for sharing that. These are the simple blessings in life. :)

  8. And "C" is for "childhood": precious moments for children!Nice photo ...

  9. I see you can relate Kathy. Walter was chasing me too yelling about all of the people seeing me. But, I didn't care I was in pain.

    Oh my thanks for the well wishes. We had a wonderful night. Maybe too wonderful. We both slept in today till noon. And Walter is back in bed taking a nap already.

    Oh and I can't stand ticks either. They are real problem in Maine. I always coat myself in bug spray also before hiking out into any woods.

    Happy day!:-)

  10. interesting and informative :)


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