Friday, February 11, 2011

Water Outlet at the Dam

Water Outlet at the Dam

water rushing through the dam outlet

We were standing right above the water outlet beside the dam tower when I snapped this shot.

The lens on the camera was set at a wide angle, so this outlet doesn't appear to be too close.

Well, it was - way too close for my comfort.

Watching that water rush down those holes was quite unnerving to me.

Made sure the camera was wrapped around my neck and wrist.

Made sure my cell phone was zipped in my jacket pocket.

Made sure the two feet were planted firmly and flatly on the skinny cement walkway.

Only then did I dare raise the camera to my eye.

Quickly taking a few shots, I shuffled off that platform before my knees gave out completely.

They felt really weak and shaky - I could just image getting caught in that stupid hole with all that water.

I admit it - I am a wimp - but I did get a few photos!

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  1. OMG! Yes, that is a bit too close for comfort. Great picture.


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