Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Barred Owl - My World

Barred Owl - My World

barred owl in the snow

I peeked out the bathroom window - just like I do every morning to get a glimpse of the day.
As I closed the curtain, something caught my eye in the tree.
Upon a closer look - it was an owl - just sitting there in the cold falling snow.

I could not believe it - daytime, snow, and an owl - those factors just didn't go together.

He stayed for about three hours - taking a nap here and there.

But he was quite aware at all times.

 He looked in at me through the window - I was so lucky to get this photo.

And when the little mole that he had been watching made it's appearance, he didn't miss a beat.

After his meal he left us, and I haven't seen him since.

What a gift he was on that snowy morning!

MWT White


  1. Lucky, lucky you! Happy My World Tuesday photograph! :)

  2. I love your photo, and the story you share. Patience is rewarded, I guess (That's what my Mother always said!)

  3. That is so awesome! What a beautiful bird. You took a great picture.

  4. Outstanding sighting and capture!!! Yep...lucky you!:)

  5. well done,, i seen alot of these when on holiday and they are such a pleasure to look at


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