Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Overlooking the Park - My World

Overlooking the Park - My World

on a hill overlooking the park and water

We don't usually visit this park too often even thought it is only a few miles form our home.

It is a state owned park that has remained unopened over the past five years.

Being that is is part of the flood plain for our area, it has seen some serious flooding and the costs for the state to fix it has been too expensive.

I have even seen this land posted on a list of potential real estate to be sold by the state in the next couple of years.

I find that kind of sad - it was always known as a family place with a beach, swimming, picnic tables, and bathroom facilities.

The flooding has ruined the tar parking lot and it has become overgrown with brush everywhere.

It's still a nice place to take a walk, but with no one around to watch it, it is safer to have a buddy with you and not be alone.

It is a beautiful spot nonetheless.

MWT White


  1. I love the state park we have nearby here on LI, and I hope you don't lose yours, as I hope we don't lose ours! It's so important to have beautiful, open spaces for people to wander and decompress and be in touch with nature.

    Happy New Year to you, Kathy!

  2. It is a beautiful spot. It looks so welcoming. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo.

  3. I hope they can still maintain that beautiful place. It's very nice, very relaxing.
    Lynda Lehmann is right, a great place to be in touch with nature...


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