Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Four Geese in the Fog - My World

Four Geese in the Fog - My World

for canada geese on the lake in the fog

While at the lake one morning this past fall, we were lucky enough to find a small flock of Canada Geese taking a break.

They were on the beach side, so we didn't see them when we first arrived.

Walking along the grass in the fog, we heard a commotion off to our right.

When the trees cleared, we saw them - out on the water - watching us with wary eyes.

How beautiful they looked in the fog, just gliding along the top of the peaceful water.

We enjoyed them for a few minutes, and left a few pieces of bread for them to eat after we left.

I so love these little gifts we get from Mother Nature when we least expect them!

MWT White

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