Sunday, July 19, 2009

From Plants to Fabric

From Plants to Fabric

macro texture of a bamboo cutting board

I find it amazing what can be done with bamboo. Pictured above is a bamboo cutting board, one of the many uses of this versatile, quick growing plant.

I was just reading about a pair of Nikon Eco Binoculars and they come in a carrying case that is made from fibers that are derived from the eucalyptus plant.

I have only seen bamboo used as wood and eucalyptus used as dried plants in arrangements.

But both are used to make clothing or fabric products from the pulp fibers in the plant.

These natural fibers are very strong and they are soft as silk against the skin.

They are quick growing which leads to quicker production.

Buying products that utilize these sustainable textiles makes a brighter future for our planet Earth.

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  1. Everyone makes everything from everything these days, its amazing how we come up with processes to make stuff. Excellent image as always. Anna :)


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