Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ABC Wednesday - Z is for Zoom Lens

Z is for Zoom Lens............

several filters for a camera lens

No - that is not a zoom lens in the photo, but one of those filters pictured will be going on a new one that will arrive in the next day or two.

And man, am I excited!

I have spent many hours researching and comparing and reading about the different lenses that are available for my Sony DSLR.

As it uses many of the Minolta AF lenses, I have a huge selection to pick from, and it is a very involved job to find the right one.

I currently own a Minolta 70-210mm f4 beer can zoom lens that is a beauty, and I was hoping to find something with more reach - perhaps in the 300-400mm range.

But the prices on these babies is just ridiculous. The glass is top notch, so of course they are expensive, but for used Minolta lenses, I just couldn't see spending so much. And as much as I wanted a prime lens, I had to think twice about the zooms.

I checked what Sony had available, and I was able to watch the online auctions and snag a great deal on a Sony 70-300 f4.5-5.6 G SSM.

The G glass is the next best thing to the APO glass (those beautiful white lenses) which costs thousands of dollars.

I did a lot of comparisons on many different websites on how this lens performs, and it gets rave reviews, and the photos are gorgeous - both in color and sharpness.

The one I purchased is second hand, but from the list of the other lenses that he owns - I know he took good care of it.

Did I mention I am excited - my fingers are crossed for tomorrow!

This is the fourth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Just passing by to inform you and your readers that this blog won a couple of awards for simply being lovely!

  2. I can imagine your excitement of at last getting your hands on the dream lens. Zooms are wonderful. I have a little pocket panasonic and am researching which DSLR to get, painful process.

  3. OH MY...I am so excited FOR YOU!!!...I'm feeling the itch for a new camera...may have to wait...but, looking forward to hearing/seeing all the news from you!!!!

  4. Oh, you'll have fun with it, I'm sure! I have used several zoom lenses, but in the days before the lightweight compact versions. You'd need a tripod to use one, and I seldom have a tripod with me, because I tend to be an opportunist photographer, except at home.

    It's exciting waiting though, isn't it?

  5. Thanks Daisy for the lovely awards!

  6. Hi Joy - It is a painful process, for sure - but it is so worth the time spent. Good luck in your search - and if you have any questions about the Sony brand don't hesitate to ask!

  7. Thanks, Amy - I have it now, and it is a beauty! Going shooting with my daughter this weekend - can't wait!

  8. Oh Jay - exciting isn't the word! I like to carry a monopod - so far so good with it!

  9. congratulations on your new zoom lens, though it is yet to come but it will get to you soon.

  10. ps...will be looking forward for your pictures from the new lens

  11. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. Trust me I am learning fast that this is not a cheap line of work to be in.

    We need at least 1 more camera and several lenses. But, one day at a time right?

    I can't wait to see your new shots with your new lens!!

    Happy Sunday and I hope you have a great week!!

  12. Oh new cam gadgets! How I wish I have a cam of my own too. I mainly just use my mobile phone and I don't have bluetooth. Tsk!

    Anyway, hope you have a great week!


  13. Kathy I know what you mean about the cost of lenses, but hey they are worth it. I have four, but the best one is my Canon 100-400mm and wide angle Sigma. Just wish I had second camera because I just hate swapping and getting dusty sensor. Anna :)


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