Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday's Photo Tip - Watch that Horizon

Friday's Photo Tip - Watch that Horizon

an oil tanker heading out to the open ocean

It seems like such a simple thing - keeping the horizon straight.

You really don't notice it as much when you are taking the photo, but when you see it afterward - either on the computer screen or in the print, it really stands out.

The view finder is so small when you are looking through it, sometimes it is hard to tell, no matter how careful you are.

One good thing about the DSLR viewfinder though, there are lines which you can use to line up the shot. They really help a lot.

The point and shoot cameras give you a good sized image to view on that LCD screen before you take the photo, so it is pretty easy to get them lined up too.

And if all else fails, and the horizon is still askew, then photoshop to the rescue during processing. A little rotating will straighten it out in no time flat.


  1. ah ha...point well taken...I find that it is a real challenge getting the 'line straight' when you need it to be...have a great weekend Kathy!!

  2. Kathy I am glad you have mention this. I did a costly mistake with my film camera, everything was skewed, lol. Costly because I had to develop them to find out. I forget this many times, so once in the while I have to rotate images when cropping to get that perfect horizon, lol. Thanks for sharing, excellent tip. Anna :)

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  4. Hey Kathy, I did it again, lol, I guess shooting the heron was my focus point, lol. But I remembered your post, and I got few right shots too, thanks. You know it is really easy to that that mistake. Anna :)

  5. hmm.. now i shall look into it, as u said..


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