Thursday, June 18, 2009

Female Hummingbird at the Feeder

Female Hummingbird at the Feeder

female hummingbird perched on a feeder

We have been feeding these little birds for years.

And for years I have also been trying to get a decent photo of them.

Not counting all the film I went through before digital cameras came along, I would say I have easily snapped close to 500 images of them.

Most of them are totally unrecognizable as a hummingbird, or they are completely missing from the photo itself.

They move so quickly - better have a fast lens and shutter speed to catch them.

This is the only decent photo I have at this time, and it was taken a couple of summers ago with my point and shoot digital camera - how I wish I had had my DSLR back then. I haven't been able to get as close to them since.

I have a new plan for this summer though and it includes my son's blind that he purchased this spring for hunting.

I have a hummingbird feeder hanging in my backyard, and I am going to set up that blind within 15 feet of it - right next to a tree.

I will be crouched on a pillow behind it with my camera on a tripod, my 200mm zoom lens in place, and I will watch for them and try to capture a decent photo.

If mother nature can provide me with a nice sunny day so I can use a fast shutter speed, then I should be all set to hunker down for a couple of hours.

With a can of bug spray and sunscreen by my side too!


  1. I like humming bird feeders. although I have trouble with bees. Any suggestions?

  2. That’s a great hummingbird photo but also neat ones are those that show the wings going faster than the eye can see them - simply amazing! I'm further amazed that the hummingbird has the largest brain of any bird.

  3. Great photo! Hummingbirds have to be the hardest thing to photograph, they move so quickly, how dare they!
    Good luck in your next attempt :)

  4. Best of luck. Look forward to seeing your shots. But this one is pretty good.

  5. I love this one and to show it at rest and drinking from the feeder is marvellous. I don't see that very often, people are are always showing photos of it in action so this is beautiful!
    I really suck at photographing birds altogether and is something I don't even attempt unless the bird is as big as an elephant and sitting verrrrry stil! =)

  6. Oh Kathy, I been chasing those for years too. I only saw them in real life for three or four times. Finally they arrive at my pink flowered chest nut tree this year, and my husband snapped few photos as I was taking care of Matthew. Then I noticed him sitting on the branch tree, and I got that too, its rare to see them sitting down, at least for me. BTW Kathy this is nice capture. Anna :)


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