Friday, July 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Friday Edition - Peaceful Cove

Peaceful Cove

white birch trees in a peaceful cove

While the boys are fishing for Stripers in the bay, I usually sit with them out on the point for a few minutes to enjoy the view.

The tide was still coming in here. When it is fully in all the black seaweed on the rocks will be covered.

I have always enjoyed this peaceful spot. Those pretty White Birch Trees are the official tree of our state. When the tide is high, the water becomes very calm here, and the reflection of the trees is just beautiful.

This is the view looking towards the right of where we sit - next time I will post what the view is when we look to the left.


  1. Kathy, that certainly looks like my kind of place. I'd love to sit there with you and have a chat! Very inviting image.


  2. Thanks, Bobbie - There is nothing I would enjoy more than a chat by the ocean!


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