Saturday, July 26, 2008

Marine Patrol Boat

Marine Patrol

marine patrol in the bay chasing a boat

This is not a very good photo technically, but I do find it interesting for the story it tells.

It is a Marine Patrol boat that keeps the traffic in the bay under control and is also on the lookout for anything suspicious.

It is hard to see in this image, but mounted on the bow of this boat is a machine gun.

I can't say I would want to be that boat in front of him, even though the gun seems to aimed up in the air at the moment.

This boat went by a couple of times as we were fishing at the point. I think if he had been going a bit slower, I could have panned my camera to get a better image in this low light.

I also never use the autofocus on my lens, I only use manual focus. I can see where the AF feature would have helped take a sharper photo with all this fast action.

I also only had my 35-80mm lens on the camera. The 80-210 mm would have been much better to get a closer shot.

But then I got to thinking afterwards perhaps the larger lens was not a good idea - it is a government security boat, and I wouldn't want to be considered "suspicious".


  1. Maybe you could ask them to stop by so you can take a shot :)

    Nice captured!

  2. The story has made this photo interesting.

  3. I think they are doing some field practice there. It does not looks so serious.

  4. Hi KML! I have chosen you to be one of my recepients for the Arte Y Pico Award.
    I always find your photos to be very inspiring.


  5. Kathy, intersting, and sometimes you have to becareful what you aiming at with your camera, lol, especially these days with all the security issues. Funny thing is that I was just talking to my husband. We have this local patroling helicopter, and I have this 100-400mm lens. So I said I think I have to be careful when taking photos, aiming especially, they may take me as someone else other than the photographer, lol. Thanks for sharing Kathy, photo is in deed nice. Anna :)

  6. I can completely identify with your thoughts. I was standing on the shore taking a photo of a Coast Guard vessel that was quite a way offshore. I kept snapping, bummed because I didn't have a longer lens on the camera, and then the boat turned toward shore and I thought, "Oh no, they've spotted me taking pictures of them!" :-P


  7. Lol, I hear you, the machine gun sounds cool, as long as it isn't pointed towards me.


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