Sunday, April 13, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Thistle Macro with Bee

Thistle Macro with Bee for Green Thumb Sunday

purple thistle macro with a bee

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Another image from last summer - a macro shot of Purple Thistle.

There was quite a patch of these pretty purple beauties and they were surrounded by little bees.

I had never seen this type of bee before - they had the most beautiful metallic green color on their backs.

Their little pollen sacks were filled to overflowing as they hovered around the flower tops.

It was very hard to get a photo of them as they were very quick, and every photo kept coming out blurry as they flew around.

I set a higher shutter speed to catch them in action, but the depth of field ended up suffering for it - the back of the flower isn't in focus.

Macro photography is tricky to begin with as the DOF is usually very shallow. One of the drawbacks to my favorite kind of shooting.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    It looks like we can go Whoooo together, it has gone really fast but has been great fun.
    Love the colour of you bee to, it goes really well with the thistle.

    Cheers Mark

  2. Beautiful photo. Occasionally I get a bee or bug of some kind, not on purpose, but when looking at the photo in its original size, I see a bee or bug! I've never been able to capture one on purpose as I'm too lazy to dig out the tripod.

  3. Beautiful, my favourite colour!
    I haven't done a green thumb sunday in a while, I should really post one.

  4. Thanks, Mark - I had never seen such a pretty color on a bee before.

  5. Aiyana - I have had that happen before too - never noticed them until I was processing the images.

  6. Thanks, Jenty - I'll come check yours out!

  7. Just gorgeous!! I love macro shots!! I have one of a bee (not as close as yours) that I posted last year... it took me forever to get the silly thing to hold still!

  8. excellent colors

  9. Kathy, it's a lovely shot. I know what you mean about macro though, and it IS a constant frustration for those of us who enjoy close-ups!

    I wonder what species of bee it is, and how wide its range is?

  10. I wouldn't apologize for any aspect of this shot, Kathy. It's terrific. I agree with you about the the trickiness of macro images, but when they come out well, they are so worth it!



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